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The start of a functional flow system is a reliable measurement.  The paddlewheel design is a simple and reliable design for producing a signal proportional to the flow through a pipeline.  The paddle wheel with magnets produces an electromagnet signal as it passes a coil encased in the sensors housing.   Vortex, turbine and magnetic sensors are used for applications that cannot use a paddlewheel in contact with the process fluid. Sig515.jpg (9852 bytes)

  Details for flow sensors

The signal produced by the flow sensor will be interpreted by a monitor or controller. 

Signals produced for Signet instruments are usually in the form of a square wave signal with the frequency proportional to the velocity of the liquid through a pipe. Signet’s instruments read this signal and display this information in the rate of flow displayed in GPM as example. Signet 5000 and 9000 Series Monitors are of this type.

Signals for other data equipment is usually produced in the form of an analog signal such as 4 – 20 mA. For tighter control, this signal is user adjustable in that the signal may be adjusted to detect a range smaller than the total range of the piping system could allow. Signet 8000 Series Compak Transmitter all are within this group.

Series 5000 Flow Meters - ProPoint™ - Meters that display, make simple decisions or just pass information.  Most   applications can use ProPoint controllers for control of the process. This group includes Self Powered, Battery Powered, Batch Controller, Totalizer, and monitors with high and low flow relays.

Series 8000 Flow Sensors - ProcessPro Transmitter - Instruments that may provide many of the above functions and provide signals for external process controllers.  This group includes flow indicators that display rate and total with optional relays and dual sensor inputs.

Series 9000 Flow Instruments - Intelek-Pro™ - Instruments that process the signal with a microprocessor, makes user defined decisions and is multi-functional providing control and relay signals.  This group is selected when the above require additional features such as pump pulsing, dual relays.  This group can also be configured to accept non-Signet flow sensors.


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ProPoint™ Self Powered Flow Meter

Series 500 Flow Sensors for 5000, 8000 and 9000 Flow Instruments

As with this web site, there are many different ways to get from one place to another using Signet instruments. Signet offers the tools to allow building of your flow system -- it is imagination and experience that will allow economics, expandability and function to come into balance for your system. At KTH Sales, we can help to make a system tailored to your needs.

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