Simtech offers two outstanding piping systems (SRPP Series Polypropylene & SRVF Series PVDF), from Simona AG, to serve the needs of the chemical process and other industries. The complete line of pipe, fittings, valves and fusion equipment can handle a wide range of industrial applications.  Piping is manufactured with different wall thickness with selection dependent upon the pressure rating required for the system.  Joining methods are of a heat fusion process that assures complete bonding of the materials.  Socket welds may be used for pipe sizes up to 4" with butt fusion is recommended from 1 1/2" size up to 48".  The following is an outline of the piping system and applications.  Detailed specifications.

PP Chemical Compatibility

Simtech’s SRPP Series Polypropylene is compatible with a broader range of chemicals than virtually any other material commonly used for piping.   Installed cost of piping system is comparable with CPVC and offers the advantage of no curing time vs. PVC and CPVC.  Field repair are immediately ready for product flow.

PVDF Temperature Range & Chemical Compatibility

SRVF Series PVDF has excellent resistance to most inorganic chemicals, strong and dilute acids, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, organic acids and halogens. PVDF has outstanding chemical resistance to highly aggressive fluids up to 280 F, it is an ideal substitute for exotic alloys.

Joint Integrity & Safety (Socket Fusion " – 4"; Butt Fusion " – 48")

Both SRPP and SRVF are assembled using reliable thermal fusion. This proven process is easy, repeatable and can be visually inspected to determine joint integrity. After a brief cooling time, the joint is complete and ready to use. There are no hazardous or toxic fumes from solvent cements and no adhesives required.  Due to the chemical compatibility and temperature range of SR Series Piping the systems can be buried or used above ground.  Underground piping for hazardous chemical is regulated by EPA guidelines -- secondary containment may be necessary.  (Don't worry, KTH Sales has dual containment piping systems.)

Polypropylene (PP)
  • Pipe: 3/8" (16mm) – 48" (1200mm) Dia.
  • Molded Fittings:
    • Butt Weld: " (20mm) – 16" (400mm)
    • Socket Weld: 3/8" (16mm) – 4" (110mm)
  • Fabricated Fittings: to 48" (1200mm)
PP piping pressure ratings

150 PSI (PN10), 90 PSI (PN 6), or  45 PSI (PN3.2)

Operating Temperature Range :  35 F - 200 F


  • Pipe: 3/8" (16mm) – 12" (315mm)
  • Molded Fittings:
    • Butt Weld: " (20mm) – 12" (315mm)
    • Socket Weld: 3/8" (16mm) – 4" (110mm)
  • Pressure Ratings (@68 F)
PVDF piping pressure ratings

232 PSI(PN16), or  150 PSI (PN10)

Operating Temperature Range :   -40 F - +280 F


Chemical Applications:

SRPP(polypropylene) Can Be Ideal For:

Process Lines, Process Sewers, Acid Waste Systems, Boiler Blowdown Drains, Groundwater Recovery Systems, Solvent Recovery Lines, Electrolytic Metals Refining, Electroplating Lines, Effluent Lines, Some Deionized Water Services, Acid & Caustic Transfer Lines, Industrial Cooling Water, Raw Water Supply, Brine Lines and Aquariums (Fresh or Salt Water). 

Chemical Resistance

SR Series Polypropylene is especially suitable for handling Dilute Acids, Alkalies, many strong acids and Organic Solvents.  Polypropylene should not be used to convey Halogens, Halogenated Hydrocarbons, Aromatics or highly concentrated Oxidizing Acids.

SRVF (PVDF) Specific Services: including the above plus Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Chlorine (wet), Bromine, 98% H2SO4, Strong Oxidizing Acids, 18m OHM Water and High Purity Acid Services.


Additional Detailed Specifications.

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