Injection Molded Tube Fittings of Teflon®
  • Made from chemically inert PFA Teflon
  • No flow restrictions
  • Easy to disconnect and reuse
  • Excellent lock and seal ability
  • Precision molded to exacting tolerances


Construction materials:
Body, ferrule, and nut: PFA Teflon (except where noted)

Gripper: XYDAR® (a liquid crystal polymer)

Working pressure: Up to 125 PSIG
Vacuum: 28.8 in./Hg^
Working temperature: -60°F to 500°F^

The listed values are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be done to determine the actual value for the application.

Made from PFA, PURELOC is ideal for ultra-pure fluid applications where contamination-free systems are used. This would include semiconductor manufacturing, food and beverage processing, medical and biomedical, laboratory, chromatography equipment, and the chemical industries.

The XYDAR gripper coupled with the precision-made ferrule provides excellent leak-proof connections and prevents tubing blow-out.

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