Models Available:

  • FCSII   110V  For use with solenoid-operated pumps - 60-8201-99
  • FCSII   220V  For use with solenoid-operated pumps - 60-8201-99-14

Wilden Flow Control System II

The Flow Control System II (FCSII) is a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled batching computer designed to control the operation of Wilden’s Accu-Flo™ pumps. Wilden pumps discharge a repeatable amount of process fluid on every stroke of the diaphragm. The FCSII counts the strokes and controls the pump so that specific, repeatable quantities can be batched. This system has manual entry screens that allow the user to customize data based on specific application calculations. Text and numbers are displayed, enabling the user to interface with the FCSII in English, instead of referring to a thick technical manual. In addition, external inputs including 4-20 mA signals can be used to control the pump speed.

  • Power Requirement:
    110-120V AC @ 50/60 Hz., 220-240V AC @ 50 Hz., 

  • Pump Output Voltage & Amps:
    12V DC at no greater than .4 amps. Solenoid coil DC resistance nominal 40 Ohms.

  • External Input Activation:
    Dry contact less than 1 mA

  • External Input Pacing:
    4 - 20 mA

  • Materials of Construction:  ABS enclosure with polycarbonate lid.

Instruction manual for FCSII

Accu-Flo pumps.

Information regarding the obsolete FCSI controller

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