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Wilden’s patent pending Pro-Flo® technology assures that your fluid process will operate without hesitation. Wilden has engineered a simplistic air distribution system resulting in enhanced pump reliability. The Pro-Flo® design utilizes a pilot valve and spool configuration which serves as an anti-centering device. The shifting mechanism is held in place until reciprocation is reinitiated. Proprietary composite seals and bore materials, coupled with close manufacturing tolerances, significantly reduce "blow-by" without requiring lubrication. Problematic freezing is diminished due to Pro-Flo® porting and muffler designs, which slow the expansion of air within the pump, preventing unwanted freezing. Pro-Flo® will enhance your system’s productivity.  Currently available on P-0.25,  P1, P2, P4, and P8. 


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The patented Wilden air distribution system has been proven with over 40 years of reliable service. This system has allowed Wilden to offer the most efficient air-operated, double-diaphragm pump on the market. Differential pressure is the only force used in the operation of the pump, resulting in low maintenance costs. There are no mechanical trip rods, springs or bearings to wear or replace. Their air valve has only one moving part and is externally serviceable for ease of inspection and maintenance.

The  TURBO Flo system further enhances performance by slowing the expansion of air within the pump, preventing unwanted freeze-up while improving reliability. The use of proprietary engineered thermoplastics reduces the coefficient of friction between mating surfaces resulting in longer lasting part life. Turbo air valve is available for the T1, T2, T4,T8, T15 and T20. 

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Accu-Flo™ - Now Available for A4, A8, A15 and A20


  • For speed control of a pump.
  • For use with Wilden FCSII or SPCI

The patent pending Wilden Accu-Flo™ solenoid air distribution system utilized a different operating technology in comparison to the standard Wilden air distribution system. The Wilden solenoid-operated pump uses compressed air to displace process fluid, but unlike the standard air valve, which uses pressure differential to stroke the pump, the solenoid valve utilizes electrical impulses. This air distribution system enables the Wilden pump to interface directly with a wide variety of electronic devices for batching, metering and other electrically controlled dispensing applications. The valve is internally air piloted for long coil and operator life requiring no lubrication. Coil options: 12V DC, 24V DC, or 110V AC, 24V AC at 60 Hz. NEMA 4 and NEMA 7 approvals are available to satisfy safety and application specifications.

Performance of Accu-Flo pumps

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See batch controller or
speed controller systems
for ideas as to how this can be used.

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What happened to the M at the beginning of the part number system ? 
Wilden model numbers will now start with a letter A, P, or T - this letter indicates the type of air valve system used.  M type air valve is used only in the lube free system.