The inherent features of the Wilden pump allow it to be used as a utilitarian transfer pump. Variable speed and pressure capability, the ability to run dry, self-prime, and dead-head offer the operator flexibility at a low cost. The Wilden universal drum pump kit enables Wilden " (P0.25) and " (M1) diaphragm pumps to adapt directly to drums for efficient liquid transfer.

The kit is available in a variety of materials for compatibility with virtually any fluid. The drum pump adapter is available with a 2" (50.76mm) NPT male connection suitable for installation on most drums. Standard length of pick-up tube is 36" (91.37cm). The tube can be cut to accommodate various drum sizes.


Drum Adapter – Nylon or Polypropylene

Pick-up Tube - Polypropylene, Nylon, or Teflon


The Wilden pump is not included as part of the drum pump kit

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