The majority of diaphragm pump maintenance cost is attributed to the primary wear part -  the diaphragm.  At Wilden, we understand that increased diaphragm life will decrease down time, reduce maintenance cost, and maximize return on investment. To this end, Wilden engineered the longest-lasting diaphragm in the industry.

Ultra-Flex technology incorporates many revolutionary design concepts, which reduce internal stress.

Wilden’s Ultra-Flex diaphragm is molded in an "operational shape" such that stress concentration is minimized throughout its entire stroke length. The transition radii are tailored to minimize stress throughout the dynamic area of the flex path.

Ultra-Flex hardware (shaft, pistons, and spacers) maximizes the amount of diaphragm material involved in the diaphragm’s movement. This improvement decreases the unit loading on the diaphragm and alleviates stress concentrations.

Controlled fabric placement decreases tensile loading to further reduce stress.


Available On These Pump Models
  • M4 Metal and Champ
  • M8 Metal, Stallion and Champ
  • M15 Metal
  • M20 Metal

Rubber Elastomer Options

Material/Temperature Limits

Neoprene – 0(-17.8) to +200 (93.3) F (C )

Buna-N - +10(-12.2) to +180 (82.2) F (C )

Nordel - -60(-51.1) to +280 (137.8) F (C )

Viton- -40(40.0) to +350 (176.6) F (C )

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All Ultra-Flex diaphragms are guaranteed to deliver longer life than your existing Wilden diaphragms. If less flex life is realized, Wilden will send you a new set of Ultra-Flex diaphragms free of charge. This comparison must be conducted in the same pump, utilizing the same diaphragm material on the same application. Failures due to misapplication, as well as consequential damage to other pump components and/or associated equipment are not covered by this guarantee.

Note:  The conversion to Ultra-Flex diaphragm system will require the combined use of UF diaphragms, UF shaft and UF outer pistons.  Your pump's maximum flow rate will be reduced by about 7% - air consumption will increase up to 12% when compared to other Wilden systems.  The usage of Ultra-Flex diaphragms goal is to increase the life of diaphragms in severe duty applications.

Nordel and Viton are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers.