The Wil-Gard® I detects diaphragm failure at the source: The Primary Diaphragm, not at the air chamber or the air exhaust as do other systems. This is accomplished by utilizing sensors located between the Teflon® primary and back-up diaphragms within the Wilden pump. When the sensors detect a conductive fluid, and audible alarm and high brightness LED are activated while the back-up diaphragm offers containment. Relay contacts are provided within the Wil-Gard® I control module giving you the ability to activate external components such as isolation valves or air shut-off valves. This leads to an increase in protection from product contamination, and increase in containment, a reduction in fugitive emissions, and a reduction in down time and maintenance costs with 24 hour pump surveillance. To further safeguard your liquid process system, the Wil-Gard® I utilizes a 9-Volt battery with a low battery alarm to prevent problems associated with electrical power fluctuation.
  • 24 hour pump surveillance
  • Offers protection from product contamination (i.e. Relay contact closure activates isolation valves upon alarm initiation.)
  • Reduces chemical attack on non-wetted pump parts.
  • Reduces fugitive emissions passed through air exhaust port.


  • 9-Volt alkaline battery operated
  • Low battery alarm
  • Relay contacts for external component activation
  • Audible alarm, high brightness LED
  • Minimum active components for high reliability
  • Splash resistant enclosure
  • Corrosion resistant enclosure
Materials of Construction

Wil-Gard I Control Module - NEMA 4X Polycarbonate Enclosure - Nylon splash proof cable grip

Sensor Cable - 2 conductor, #24 AWG high Beryllium - content ultra-fine cooper wire - Jacket: Teflon® PFA

Insulation: Parallel extruded Teflon® PFA

Power Requirement :   9 Volt Alkaline battery - 3 month battery life expectancy

Internal Relay:  Max. of 1 amp at 250 Volts - Normally open/closed connections -Low battery jumper can activate relay

Sensitivity:  4.54 Micro-Siemens

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.