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The pioneering efforts of Wilden Pump and Engineering started in 1955 with the invention of the double diaphragm pump.  During the past 45 years they have been the leaders in innovations of materials, applications and accessories for air diaphragm pumps.  KTH Sales has witnessed the last 20 years of innovations and improvements in the product and the continued commitment from Wilden to manufacturer the best value for the customer.  The introduction of thermoplastic construction 15 years ago and solenoid air systems have expanded the applications in may waste treatment facilities.  

Pumps - A listing of pump sizes, material choices, performance data

Air distribution system - After 45 years, we still have something new

Batch controller - Batch controller for a Wilden Pump

Electric Speed Controller - The speed controller for the solenoid shifted pump

Diaphragm Construction - The correct diaphragm choice

UltraFlex™ Diaphragm - Extended life diaphragm design

Drum Pump Kit - Use your pump to pump from a 55 gallon drum

Wil-Guard - diaphragm failure alert system - An audio alarm for failure condition

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What happened to the M at the beginning of the part number system ? 
Wilden model numbers will now start with a letter A, P,  or T  - this letter indicates the type of air valve system used.  M type air valve is used only in the lube free system.

Wil-Flex™, Sani-Flex™,  FCSI, Wil-Guard,  SaniFlo, Turbo-Flo, Ultra-Flex, Ultra-Pure and Accu-Flo are trademarks of Wilden Pump Engineering.  Pro-Flo® and Wilden® are registered trademarks of Wilden Pump Engineering.  Santoprene® is a registered trademark of Monsanto Company, licensed to Advanced Elastomer Systems.