Expanded the benefits of Wilden solenoid-operated pump technology with the features of the Solenoid Pump Controller I (SPC I). This microprocessor-based controller provides the interface to easily communicate with Wilden solenoid-operated pumps for automating your liquid process. This self-contained unit powers and controls the electrical signals to the pump, which maximizes pump reliability and repeatability. The SPC I can interface with a variety of external inputs such as liquid level, proximity, and temperature switches to customize the application.

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Features of SPCI

  • LCD screen and intuitive interface
  • Pump stroke counter
  • Tolalizer for preventative maintenance program
  • 3 programmable preset stroke speeds.
  • External input can initiate and terminate operation
  • Interfaces with Wil-Gard leak detection systems
  • 110/220VAC-12VDC input - 12VDC output

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Wilden’s Solenoid pump technology uses electrical impulses to stroke the pump. The air valve is a two position, four-way electrical solenoid valve that has a single operator and spring return. When electric power is applied, the valve spool shifts to allow an air chamber to be pressurized with air. When the electric signal is removed, the spring return mechanism shifts the valve spool to a position where the pressurized air chamber is exhausted while the opposite air chamber is pressurized. By alternately applying and removing electrical power, the pump reciprocates much like a standard Wilden pump. The faster the electrical impulses are provided to the pump, the faster the pump operates.

The Solenoid Pump Controller I (SPC I) is designed to provide an intuitive interface between you and your solenoid pump. In simplest terms, this device energizes and de-energizes the solenoid coil at a programmed rate to control Wilden solenoid-operated pumps. The pump speed can easily be adjusted by simply pushing the appropriate (increase or decrease) buttons on the keypad. To expedite your pump speed selection, three programmable "presets" are provided.

The LCD screen and LED’s (light emitting diodes) keep you informed. These indicators display operational status, which allows you to operate the pump from a remote location. The preset number, the stroke interval in seconds (pump speed), the stroke counter, and stroke totalizer, are indicated on the LCD screen. The leak detection LED informs you of the optional Wil-Gard leak detection device status. The SPC I will stop pump operation if a leak is detected by the Wil-Gard diaphragm monitoring system.

An external input can be utilized to remotely start and stop the pump to customize the application. Liquid level controllers, proximity switches, temperature switches, etc. can easily interface with the SPC I by simply wiring the external component to the terminal strip and selecting the external input mode (Preset E) on the SPC I.


Wilden solenoid-operated, double-diaphragm pumps are the cost-effective choice of engineers, industry professionals, and maintenance personnel. This pump technology utilizes compressed air as a driving force to displace process fluid while electric signals control pump speed. Their inherent characteristics allow them to excel in difficult pumping applications where other pump types fail.

  • Low initial investment
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Variable speed
  • Dead head capability
  • Ability to run dry
  • Ability to pass solids
  • No dynamic seals

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