InnoMag Pumps

TB-Mag Series

Zero leak design that meet ANSI B73.1 dimensional and flow standards.

Process pumps for corrosive solutions -20F to 250F

The TB Series design is a result of years of experience of lined magnetic driven knowledge.  The design incorporates thrust load balancing that is critical to longevity of pump life.  Internal flow passages allow for solution flow through the bearing for extended life.  Thrust loads are absorbed by a unique internal pressure balance system.  (see below)

The impeller is constructed of carbon fiber filled Tefzel for corrosion resistant for most chemicals.  The  heavy duty ductile iron casing is lined with Tefzel.  The rear housing is Tefzel lined Kelvar to provide the best combination of pressure and shock resistance.  Silicon carbide shaft and bearing provide superior resistance to wear against abrasives often found in chemical streams.  


Chromic Acid Sulfuric Acid Ammonia
Hydrochloric Acid Sodium Hypochlorite Freon
Hydrofluoric Acid Sodium Hydroxide Methyl Chloride
Nitric Acid Chlorine Dioxide Sulfur Dioxide

For additional chemicals and qualifications see below for corrosion data for Tefzel.

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TB is constructed with Tefzel liquid contact parts - details of Tefzel