Series CB - Filter Bag Chambers

Copy of BF-chamber.jpg (16441 bytes)Penguin filter bag chambers are designed for high volume surface filtration. Completely constructed of CPVC, these filter chambers allow for filtration down to 1 micron. Filter bag replacement is easy with the removal of one snap ring. There are four sizes incorporating all the construction advantages of our style 6C and 8C chambers. The double labyrinth O-Ring sealing and the long sleeved flanges, top and bottom, allow these chambers to operate at higher pressure and/or temperatures while eliminating the use of external frame rods.

The liquid enters through the top connection.  Internally, a polypropylene bag head retainer directs solution to the inside of the bag filter.  The solution is filtered on the side and bottom of the bag and exits the chamber through the bottom connection.  The standard filter bag is a polypropylene felt material in micron rating of 1 to 100.  Other bag materials are also available.

Model 6CB for flows to 45 GPM available in CPVC and polypropylene.

Model 8CB for flows to 80 GPM available in CPVC and PVDF (with internal CPVC parts)

Model Bag Size Flow Rates
6CB-6A 5" dia. x 20" long 10 - 20 GPM
6CB-9A 5" dia. x 30" long 15 - 45 GPM
8CB-10A 7" dia. x 20" long 20 - 40 GPM
8CB-15A 7" dia. x 30" long 30 - 80 GPM

Converting from a 8C chamber to a bag chamber - See Note

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Bag chambers constructed of carbon steel and stainless steel