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We offer heavy duty filter chambers that are designed with only corrosion resistant thermoplastics or chemical resistant elastomers in contact with solution.  Polypropylene, CPVC and PVDF chambers are ideal for inorganic chemicals and ultra pure water applications.  Some chambers are designed to minimize dead-zones within the chamber to insure the quality of ultra-pure filtration.

Copy of 3C-chamber.jpg (15298 bytes)Style 3C Filter Chambers  - The most economical of filter chambers, the single cartridge unit will accommodate 6", 10", 20" or 30" length filter cartridges. A unique floating cartridge compressor knife-edge design, moves up and down with the filter cartridge length variations and can accept a cartridge length variance of " without any liquid by-pass. The top is threaded onto the shell via an acme thread configuration. A base is included for surface mounting. This chamber can accept double open end, single open end with internal #020 O-Ring, or double open end with internal #120 O-Ring each end. As an option, the Series CN includes a (B-mount) bracket for mounting the chamber on the lip of a tank. requirements.

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Style 4C Filter Chambers - This high pressure, heavy-duty single cartridge chamber will accommodate 10", 20" or 30" length filter cartridges. 4C-chamber.jpg (12099 bytes)Because of the internal rod design, this chamber can accept various filter cartridge lengths + " without liquid bypass. The 4C chamber can accommodate non-standard cartridge lengths with more than the " length from standard by adjustment of the internal rod length, consult the factory for details. The special head is threaded onto the shell via a Bartlett, self-locking thread configuration. The 1" FNPT inlet/outlet connections and 4" chamber diameter allow for increased filtration flow rates, especially for larger O.D sub-micron cartridges (2.50" 2.90" O.D.). Upon request the chamber can be supplied to accept SOE – 222 type filter tubes.
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Style 6C/8C/12C Filter Chambers

These three filter chambers incorporate heavy reinforced ribbing within the molded parts. The double labyrinth O-Ring (or Quad-rings is some models) sealing and the long-sleeved flanges, top and bottom, allow the chambers to operate at higher pressures and/or temperatures while also eliminating the use of external frame rods. The simplicity in design and accessibility allow one to completely disassemble these chambers in order to replace broken or damaged parts. These chambers can also be converted in the field to a carbon treatment unit or to accept single open end, double #222 O-Ring seal sub-micron cartridges with only a small modification. This simple conversion process eliminates the expense of purchasing a completely new chamber. This chamber can also be converted to a bag filtration chamber with just a minor modification.

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Electronic Grade Filter Housings in polypro and PVDF

Designed to minimize the stagnate areas within a filter chamber has produced a new internal design.  Product purity of your solutions had driven this design. 
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Industrial Grade Filter Housing in CPVC, polypro and PVDF

Designed for high performance filter tubes using 222 or 226 O-ring type filter tubes.  Internals are designed to provide uniform filtration for your critical applications.  For flows to 300 GPM - use for applications down to 0.01 micron absolute. 
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Chambers are pressure containing vessels and should be applied for all applications with caution. Temperature has a very limiting nature when using thermoplastics. Please contact us with details of chemicals, temperatures, pressures and type of pump being used with the chamber. Air operated diaphragm pumps can cause pressure pulsing and high pressures and are not recommended in most cases.

Flow ratings are based upon the using wound filter -- Using pleated filters will double the flow rate in most systems.  Want to know more about pleated filters ?  TAKE ME TO PLEATED FILTERS

Complete Filtration Systems -- Chamber with Pumps 

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