Penguin PS Stainless Vertical immersion pumps

PS Series 316SS construction is similar in design to P Series thermoplastic pump

New sizes offer performance up to 290 GPM - 1/2 HP to 15 HP

For High Temperature service - contact for applications above 250F

Pump is primed when immersed in liquid (just over the discharge port) - extension piping to reach deep into the tank

Most pumps are available in the standard 9" and 18" setting length

PS Series - The stainless steel pump uses a composite PTFE bushing and PTFE vapor seal to protect motor from fumes.  The PS Series should be mounted within a tank due to solution recirculation pathways.  EPR or Viton elastomers.

The TEFC motor is available in the following: 110/230V/1 - 60 Hz, 110/230V/1 - 50/60 Hz, 208-230/460V/3 - 50/60 Hz

PT Series - The titanium pump is constructed without need of a support bearing within the solution.  Like the P Series thermoplastic pumps, Viton lip seal is used to restrict fume from entering the motor.   This pump has open clearances that allow the pump to run dry without damage.   This pump can be mounted in or outside of the supply tank.  EPR, Viton or Teflon elastomers.

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