Penguin Metal Recovery Systems

MRsyst.jpg (5858 bytes)Precious Metal Recovery Systems Series SR/MR

For tanks smaller than 50 gallons to tanks larger than 200 gallons, economical systems to recover gold and other precious metals from drag out or rinse tanks. Pays for itself after initial use. Chambers can be mounted in series for most effective operation. Choice of sealless in-tank pumps or sealless magnetic-driven pumps with priming chambers. Optional pre-filter available for increased efficiency.

The system pumps solution from a rinse or drag out tank through a chamber filled with a metal exchange resin.  The resin will collect the metal ions from solution for refining.  The cambers are clear to allow viewing of the resin -- some resins will experience a change in color as they load with the metal ions.  The solution is returned to the tank in most applications.  Most resins can collect up to eight ounces of metal for each pound of resin.  The system pictured uses a magnetic sealed pump with a priming chamber and two resin chambers in series.   Many combinations of pumps and chambers can be configured to meet your needs.

Contact us with your requirements.  These systems are also available using P Series vertical immersion pumps.