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For Filtration or Carbon Treatment

Penguin carbon and filter chambers are constructed of CPVC, polypropylene or PVDF to offer corrosion resistance for the most difficult of caustics and acids.  They contain no metal or metal coated parts to be exposed to chemicals.  EPDM or VitonŽ O-rings in primary seal areas are designed to insure reliable sealing of the chamber.  All chambers include the initial set of filter tubes - multi tube chambers include a pressure gauge and bleed valve assembly.


Five different size chambers, each available for 10", 20", 30" length filters, offer just the right size flow rate up to 9000 GPH.   Most chambers are also available for 40" length filters.  Two single tube designs are used: one for standard flat end tube, the other when type 222 o-ring tubes are required.  All multi tube chambers will accept standard wound, flat gasket, or can be easily converted to accept O-ring type 222 sealed filter elements.6c-chamber.jpg (12402 bytes)

All multi tube chambers can be converted to a carbon treatment chamber with the optional conversion kit.

Single Tube Filtration Chamber - for flow rates to 800 GPH
Multi Tube Filtration Chambers - for flow rates to 9000 GPH
Manifold Filtration Chambers - for flow rates to 18000 GPH

Two sizes of Bag Filter chambers offer high flow rates and large particle retention loading are also quick to change.

Bag Filtration Chambers - for flow rates to 3000 GPH

Carbon Treatment Chambers - Granular carbon filtration systems - for flow rates to 5000 GPH

Bulletin for all of the above - PDF Adobe format

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