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Penguin offers filtration systems using numerous pumps styles with their filter chambers to offer matched pump and chamber configurations.  The first consideration is the type of pump and then the mounting of the filtration chamber.  KTH Sales will offer our assistance in selection of a filtration system designed for your specific needs.

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The usage of the Horizontal Centrifugal Pump provides for a highly efficient pumping system suited for many different chemical filtration applications with flow over 10,000 GPH.

Using Magnet Driven Centrifugal Pumps on your system provides a seal less system available in flow rating from 60 to over 10,000 GPH.  The Spacemaker system is a small footprint version with the chamber mounted directly above the pump.

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump / Filter System  CPVC Pump and chamber 300 - 10,000 GPH systems  - 

Magnetic Drive Pump / Filter System  Polypro, PVDF or stainless steel construction.   60 - 10,080 GPH systems - 

Spacemaker Filter System  Series SM Filtration Systems with Mag Drive Pumps

Systems can be configured to suit your requirements - contact KTH Sales to assist in specifying your product requirements. 


A-B-Syst.jpg (10644 bytes)Intank units offer simplified installation and containment of the pump and chamber within the tank.  As systems get larger in size, space within the tank or the physical size of the chamber requires that the chamber be mounted outside of the tank.

In-Tank Filter System  CPVC, polypro, PVDF  60-2100 GPH systems 

In-Tank Pump / Outside Filter System  CPVC, polypro, PVDF  300-10,000 GPH systems 

BF-syst2.jpg (12333 bytes)Bag Filtration Systems offer economy and a system ideal for self plating solutions such as electroless nickel or electroless copper.   An open ring bag holder and support system are simple to use and install.

Bag Filtration System   CPVC, PVDF open bag systems to 7200 GPH  

Intank Suction Filter Systems - Using intank vertical immersion pump with a suction filter dirt trap on the suction.  Systems include a solution eductor to achieve high solution agitation rates.  

In-Tank Suction Filter System CPVC pump with filter - flow to 3400 GPH

Carbon Treatment Systems using the above pump types are also available using granular carbon for organic removal of solution. 

Carbon Treatment Systems

Precious metal recovery systems use Vertical or Magnetic Driven pumps for solution flow through clear acrylic chamber or chambers containing ion exchange resin.  Resin reclaim systems 4 to 48 pound capacity

Precious Metal Recovery Systems

Details of the pumps        Details of the chambers

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